Team: Samantha Brooks, Xiaofang Fan, Bowen Shen
For this project we are supposed to construct one example of communicating between the Arduino and Processing. 
To start with, I was searching for Arduino - Processing projects online and came across this example. We thought it interesting because it could achieve seemingly advanced results (to track the position of your hand in a 3D space) with just card boards and aluminium foil. We decided on this as the start of our hardware.

The schematic

We constructed the circuit and managed to make it respond to the our hand movements. However, the results seemed unstable in Processing. The position tracking was inaccurate and limited to a certain range.
Even so we found that the data from the Arduino Serial Monitor followed certain trends according to our hand movements. We hence decided to make a more abstract visualisation in Processing.
We modified this processing example.
Now, when you move your hand closer to the bottom plate, the waves get more bouncy visually, also the lines consisting the circle are getting thicker. 
The default colour of the circle is blue. When you move closer to either of the side plate, lighter the top or the bottom of the circle gets redder. 
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