WeChat: check messages 
Camera: take photos of my tie dye shirt 
Weather app: check weather
Calendar app: remind myself to start video chats with families 
FB messenger: vid chat with bf
Slack: check school messages
YouTube: watch live stream started by my boyfriend
Gmail: check semester calendar
NetEase music: music
Yamibuy: browsing
Amazon: looking for a pump for my inflatable bean bag
Eventbrite: booked an event shared by a classmate
Google Calendar
Google Maps: plan trip
TripAdvisor: searching for what to see in Flushing
Adobe Portfolio
KeyMe customer service 
Penn Station Info Counter
Penn Station Ticket Machine
Long Island Railroad 
Talked to a US open staff
Queens museum 
Got food at food court
Chinese pharmacy 
Chinese supermarket
Line 7 Subway
Talked to doorman
Checked mailbox
BofA online banking app

Choose one of the services (No more than 250 words)
Long Island Railroad 

What are its “salient attributes”?
Takes me to where I want to go 
Arrives at the scheduled time
Reach the destination within a reasonable time length
Make sure I am safe during my trip
Make me feel that the service they provide matches with the price they charge (the fare is more expensive than MTA)

Does it have a “service avatar”?
- Staff working at the stations
- The crew working on the train

What are some of the risks inherent in its design?
- People might not know how it works when using it for the first time (you cannot use the MTA card. Have to buy another ticket)
- Some riders might influence other rides’ experiences
- The trains or rails might malfunction
- The trains might not arrive at the scheduled time

Describe where it falls in the bipolarized markets, and why
- Industrialised
- Because it endures a lot of traffic everyday. The process has to been streamlined in order to create reliable services.

From your Service Journal: 
Select one of the services (doesn’t have to be the same as last week) 
Queens museum

Determine how you might adjust any of the incentives so as to produce more value –either for the consumer, the producer, or if possible, both. 
Can be in the form of a loyalty program, a bonus, a penalty, etc.

To have a straightforward exhibition schedules readily available online: when I went there, I was a bit disappointed by the fact that a lot of areas were closed as the museum was setting up new exhibitions.
To adjust the ticket prices during peak seasons and off seasons: Although I got free admission to the museum, I can imagine how disappointed I would have been if I pay the same full price as when there are more exhibitions gong on, just to get in and find out that I got shut out from quite a large area of the museum. It might be a better idea to rise increase the admission price when there are more exhibitions going on and lower it when there's fewer exhibitions.
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