This poster was made after my Japan and South Korea trip in 2018. The theme of this project is food. I picked the Korean food Gimbap and Japanese food sushi to depict, accompanied by some other typical ingredients widely used in the food of the two countries such as seaweed and narutomaki.

Aside from depicting the food, I also want to reflect the the characteristics of the two countries's people. That's why I personified these two types of food and asked my Korean and Japanese friends to write me two poems about the food in their own languages.

寿司 Sushi

The food culture of a small island which has plenty of harvest from the sea
It requires the chef’s skills and freshness of ingredients
Easy to eat, and you can’t stop
You’ll go there many times
And you’ll think
This is the soul food of Japan

Rena Nagatome

김밥 Gimbap

우리 사는 곳 달랐어도
We have lived in different places
우리 색깔 달랐어도
We have been in different colors
한곳에 누워
Yet we lay together
향을 섞는다
and mix our smells
까만 어둠
Dim darkness
하얀 이불
White blanket
시간의 칼날에
The sword of time comes
하나씩 하나씩
One by one
추억이 옆으로 눕는다
Memories get laid aside

Jeong Hyeon Kim

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