Hi, Bowen here.

I am an interaction designer dedicated to creating enjoyable and meaningful experiences. I am currently based in Jinan and New York, studying in MFA Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts.

STUDENTSPACE - mobile app design
A mobile app made to help Monash students with mental health issues manage their study and daily life. Finished in collaboration with Hugo Chang, Lucy Chesterfield and Cassandra Da Costa.
UI/UX, App Design, Interaction Design
ADCET Website UI/UX Redesign
I identified some UX/UI problems on the existing ADCET website in relation to web design principles mentioned in Stave Krug's Don't Make Me Think, and did a partial redesign of the relevant pages.
UI/UX, Web Design
Journey to the East is a web project I made after my 2018 trip to Japan and Korea. It records and visualises some interesting findings and impressions I have about these two countries but later proven false.
Web Design, UI/UX, Illustration
Ghost Cubes
Ghost Cubes is an interactive piece that explores the concept of applying physical objects to visualize music through color/shape movements and using the body as the controller without touching any buttons or knobs. The project adapts leap motion, p5.js, and Arduino.
Physical Computing
Random Crowd Generator
I build a simple algorithm to generate random faces. New crowd is generated every time you click. I personally enjoy looking at them and imagining the stories happening between people... Have fun!
Creative Coding, Digital Art, Graphic Design
Aery is a platform that makes home customization easy for constantly moving young adults, enabling them to focus on living their best lives at home.
Product Design, UI/UX Design, Interaction Design
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